A Company with Focus on the Future

On the first of July 2021, three companies merged into one - Vool AB, Safety Seal Europe AB and MaxiGrip AB came together as one in the parent company Niso Tech AB. The business, which from the beginning started with an environmentally friendly and functional balancing powder, has over the years expanded to a broader range of products for the tyre industry and in recent years also a new product segment in bodywork and styling for cars. Three strong players in the tyre and car industry have as such joined forces to create a higher value than just providing products.

The strategy has always been to focus on finding solutions for tyres and vehicles that make everyday life better for both drivers and fitters. With the vision of creating work in the local area, it has become a natural part of the strategy to also keep control of the production of the products.

Says Bengt Åke Nilsson, who today is the sole owner of Niso Tech AB.


In 2020, the decision was made by the company management to merge the businesses of Maxigrip, Safety Seal and Vool.
The merger of the companies has not really meant any market changes initially, the online plastforms vool.se and safetysel.se remain in the same spirit as before. In terms of organization, we have become more efficient by focusing our core competencies of the various people who work in our offices and warehouses in Grästorp. The idea of a unifed and streamlined organization is to create a good base for the company's future growth. We also want to create the environment for further product development.

Following a successful merger, the focus will now be on the market strategies lead by the board's corporate vision. As a major player in the market, we want to be involved and make an impression in the world. We want to create a sustainable business that can live for generations to come and help create and retain jobs in Sweden, contribute to Global environmental goals and to traffic safety. We do this by increasing production in Sweden, finding environmentally friendly solutions and finding safety solutions for situations where the tyres can cause dangers in traffic.

The future of Niso Tech AB is now being shaped and it will revolve around the company's visions of sustainable business. The merger to Niso Tech AB is a starting point for the future and for modernization.

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