instant EASYBALANCE® has been on the market for 20 years, and has proven its' benefits to tyre retailers and commercial vehicle owners. Buyers have come to recognise it as a name they can have confidence in:

  • best moisture tolerance on the market - does not need dried air or special valve cores
  • does not damage the inner liner
  • is environmentally friendly!

Quick and easy application during tyre fitting, with better precision than lead weight balancing. Tyre wear is reduced by up to 33% as well as wear on the suspension, chassis, wheel bearings, etc. Read more...


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  1. EASYBALANCE hink 7,5 kg
    €138.00 Inc. VAT (€110.40 + VAT)
  2. 20401
    €57.00 Inc. VAT (€45.60 + VAT)
  3. EasyBag 100g
    €2.90 Inc. VAT (€2.32 + VAT)
  4. EasyBag 200g
    €5.30 Inc. VAT (€4.24 + VAT)
  5. EasyBag 300g
    €7.75 Inc. VAT (€6.20 + VAT)
  6. EasyBag 500g
    €12.50 Inc. VAT (€10.00 + VAT)

6 Items

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