Repair Plugs - original and imitation

Only in Original Safety Seal tyre repair plugs is each filament 100% saturated with air-sealing rubber compound

Accept No Imitations!

There are many imitations on the market. Only in Safety Seal tyre repair plugs are each of the filaments 100% saturated with an air-sealing butyl rubber compound. The plug vulcanises together with the tyre to form a permanent seal!

The difference is obvious if you compare one of our plugs side by side with an imitation plug - the white areas of the plug mean that the fiber strands are dry and not embedded in the rubber - increasing the risk of the repair plug leaking.

Most imitation kits also come with glue or solution, which is required to hold the plug in place. As Safety Seal plugs are self-vulcanising, our kits do not contain nor require any additional glue or solution.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like further information.

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