Safety Seal Kits

Safety Seal tire repair is a superior repair method for repairing punctures in tubeless tyres. With Safety Seal it is easy to quickly and permanently repair a puncture. A repair plug is inserted through the puncture hole, then the Safety Seal tyre repair plug vulcanises together with the tyre so that the repair becomes completely air-tight and permanent.

All Safety Seal tire repair kits contain the highest quality materials and tools, made in Europe and the USA. Tested by TÜV at speeds over 300 km/h (186 mph), using the same standards that new tyres are tested against.


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  1. Safety Seal PV-sats
    €105.50 Inc. VAT (€84.40 + VAT)
  2. Safety Seal liten PV-sats
    €50.50 Inc. VAT (€40.40 + VAT)
  3. Safety Seal liten PV-sats i mjuk väska
    €51.50 Inc. VAT (€41.20 + VAT)
  4. Safety Seal LV-sats
    €112.50 Inc. VAT (€90.00 + VAT)
  5. Safety Seal Farmers Kit
    €36.50 Inc. VAT (€29.20 + VAT)
  6. Safety Seal EM sats
    €150.50 Inc. VAT (€120.40 + VAT)
  7. Safety Seal Plus PV-sats
    €162.00 Inc. VAT (€129.60 + VAT)
  8. Safety Seal Plus LV-sats
    €170.50 Inc. VAT (€136.40 + VAT)
  9. Safety Seal komplett MC-sats
    €45.50 Inc. VAT (€36.40 + VAT)
  10. Safety Seal komplett MC/ATV-sats
    €41.00 Inc. VAT (€32.80 + VAT)

10 Items

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