External Tyre Repair

Step 1. Remove the object

Carefully remove the object that caused the puncture. Note the direction of the puncture hole. If it is difficult to determine, lubricate the eye of the needle and insert the needle into the hole to feel the direction. If major damage is suspected, it is recommended that the tyre be removed for internal inspection.

Step 1a. Broaden the hole with the probe if required

For the repair of small holes, it is advisable to broaden the hole with the probe to enable the insertion of the plug.

Step 2. Thread the repair plug into the tool

Thread the repair plug into the eye of the tool’s needle. Lubricate the needle's eye lightly with SAFETY SEAL Special Lube. Inflate the tyre.

Step 3. Push in the tool

Slowly push in the tool.

Step 4. Pull out the needle

Hold the collar of the tool firmly against the tyre with one hand, whilst pulling the needle out with the other.

Step 5. Trim off excess material

Trim off any excess material flush with the tyre surface, using the knife provided.

Step 6. Adjust the tyre pressure

Adjust the air pressure.
The tyre is now ready for use.

NOTE! When repairing tyres with speed rating V and above, as well as Run-Flat and other "self supporting tyres" – always follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

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