Internal Tyre Repair

Step 1. Remove object and note direction of hole.

Carefully remove the object that caused the puncture. Note the direction of the puncture hole. When repairing small holes, widening the hole with an awl is required to facilitate the introduction of the repair plug. The size of the damage may not exceed 6 mm for passenger car tyres and 9 mm for truck tyres.

Step 2. Clean the inner liner

Clean the inner liner thoroughly with SAFETY SEAL PLUS Inner Liner Prep & Primer around the puncture. Pour SAFETY SEAL PLUS Inner Liner Prep & Primer directly onto the inner liner and rub with a cloth. Repeat this at least once.

Step 3. Insert the tool, thread the plug into the needle's eye

Lubricate the tip of the tool needle with SAFETY SEAL Special Lube. Push the needle through the puncture hole, in the direction of the damage, from the inside of the tyre. Rotate the tool a few times. Thread the repair plug into the needle's eye.

Step 4. Pull the plug through the hole

Pull the tool slowly and steadily back with the repair plug, through the hole, until the ends of the repair plug protrude about 10 mm from the tyre tread surface.

Step 5. Apply SAFETY SEAL The Liquid Patch on the inner liner

Apply a generous layer of SAFETY SEAL The Liquid Patch on the inner liner, on and around the base of the repair plug. There is a brush on the inside of the jar’s lid for application.

Step 6. Trim off excess material

Trim off any excess material flush with the tyre surface, using the knife provided.
The tyre is now ready for use.

- When repairing tyres with speed rating V and above, as well as Run-Flat and other "self supporting tyres" – always follow the manufacturer's recommendations.
- The components of the SAFETY SEAL PLUS kit are specially designed to be used together. Do not substitute any of the components with any other repair materials.

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