Tyre Repair Plug Independent Testing

Tyres repaired with Safety Seal plugs have been tested by TÜV in Germany against standard ECE R 30 for car tyres, as well as ECE R 54 for truck tyres - the same standards that new tyres are tested against.

Tyre Repair Plug Independent Testing

In each test, the tyre was punctured with a spike though the tread. This puncture was repaired, according to the German tyre-repair industry guidelines (VkBl S. 247 Nr. 61; Pt. 5), with the Safety Seal Plus Tyre Repair System. The load- / speed- / performance-test was carried out according to the same procedures used to test and approve new tyres.

After testing, the tyre repair was examined and in all cases no damage was found in the tyre or the repair material. In the most extreme test, the tyre was driven for 60 minutes at speeds between 270 to 320 km/h (200 mph)!

The full test results are available via the following links (pdf format):

Car Tyres (test standard ECE R 30):

Tyre Repair Plug Independent Testing
Date Test
Jan 2015Dunlop SP Sportmaxx GT 265/35 R19
Jan 2015Dunlop SP Quatromaxx 235/65 R17
Jun 2006Pirelli P Zero Rosso 225/45 R17
Jun 2006Eagle NCT5 Runflat 205/55 R16

Commercial Vehicle Tyres (test standard ECE R 54):

Nov 2008Continental 315/80 R22,5

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