Tyre Repair with Safety Seal Plug

Safety Seal tyre repair plug vulcanises together with the rubber of the tyre in the puncture hole. The self-vulcanising material encloses the steel in the tyre, preventing abrasion and the possibility for moisture to penetrate to the steel belt.

Safety Seal Tyre Repair Plug

Safety Seal repair plug - minimizes the possibility of moisture

Safety Seal's plug is a self-vulcanising technology which by design is a completely superior method for tyre repair. Safety Seal offers the flexibility and strength required for today's refined tyre designs.

The Safety Seal tyre repair plug is made up of filaments that are impregnated individually with self-vulcanising rubber and then twisted together. This method means that the proportion of rubber is very high and that filaments and rubber do not separate when you push the repair plug through puncture hole.

No grinders need to be used in repair with Safety Seal.

No drilling of the puncture hole is needed and even angled puncture holes are filled out completely with the Safety Seal tyre repair plug.

Repair with a Safety Seal tyre repair plug is permanent and lasts the entire life of the tyre. You can even retread a tyre that has previously been repaired with Safety Seal without problem.

If you have any questions about Safety Seal tyre repair, or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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