Rollock startkit 30-33 Complete



  • 150 x Rollock clamps 104cc, 30-33
  • 1 x Tool 104cc 30-33
  • 1 x Deadblow hammer 1,67 kg
  • 1 x Removal tool, SW/Rollock

Locking Clanp for 104 cc (centre - to - centre) stud patterns, with wheel nut hex size 30-33 mm.

Fits rim sizes:
R22,5" with 10 studs
R19,5" with 8 studs

How much does a wheel loss cost? Wheels, tyres, nuts, bolts, hubs, chassis parts, downtime, overtime and in the worst case a serious accident.

Rollock solves the problem! Rollock Wheel Nut Locking Clamps are easy to fit. The clamp is driven onto the nuts with a specially developed fitting tool.

Rollock is easy to remove. Loosen the wheel nuts as usual, and the clamp will also loosen. Rollock Locking Clamps are an inexpensive insurance against accidents and expenses caused by the wheel loss. Vehicles intended for passengers should always use Rollock Locking Clamps!

Fitting Removal

See also: Fitting Tool 104cc 30-33

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