Safety Seal Car Kit in Soft Case


Complete repair kit for tubeless cars tyres. In a convenient zipped travel case.  Using Safety Seal's original externally applied repair method and superior tool quality, giving reliable puncture repair without removing the tyre from the rim.  


12 x Safety Seal repair plugs 10cm
1 x Awl/Probe
1 x Tool for external repair 13 cm
1 x Safety Seal Lube
1 x Knife

Safety Seal's self vulcanising plugs form a permanent seal from the tread surface through to the inner-liner - not to be confused with imitation products requiring additional glue/solution. Despite this, the tyre should not be driven at more 80 kph / 50 mph until it has been removed from the rim and inspected internally for additional damage to the inside of the sidewall. After internal inspection, Safety Seal Liquid Patch (included in the Safety Seal Plus kit) can be added for additional assurance as well as evidencing that internal inspection has been carried out - as required by e.g. BS AU 159g (UK), VkBl S. 247 Nr. 61; Pt. 5 (Germany), The Scandinavian Tire & Rim Organization.

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