Safe centring

For improved balance, comfort and safety. Centring rings for commercial vehicle wheels.

  • Inexpensive means of optimising wheel centring
  • Eliminates problems caused by worn hub spigots
  • Improves wheel balance and comfort
  • Protects wheel studs
  • Reduces wheel fitting problems. Good to use together with Rollock Wheel Nut Locking Clamps or Safe Wheel Nut Retainers
  • Reduces risk of stud breakage
  • Protects the bolt holes from becoming oval.
  • Gives more even tyre wear, good to use in conjuction with instant EASYBALANCE®.
  • Easy to fit
  • Eases wheel fitment
  • Eases wheel removal
  • Can be re-used several times
  • Non-corrosive

Fitting Instructions:

  • Clean the studs and holes
  • Fit Safe Centring on all studs
  • Fit the wheel
  • Fit the wheel nuts
  • Torque the nuts according to the manufacturer's instructions
  • Re-torque after 50 kilometres

Dimensions available

Part numbers and fitments: Single Twins
Steel Rims 26 mm 41512 41519
Steel Rims 26.5 mm 41612 41619
Alu Rims 26 mm 41319 41319
(2 pcs.)
Alu Rims 32 mm 41316 41329

Safe Centring is used on aluminium rims with 32 mm holes in conjunction with the manufacturers' original nuts.

The product is manufactured in hard, tough and heat tolerant plastic and are re-useable

Patent: SE patent no. 0100333-4


Safe Centring - buy in hags of 10

Packaged in display bags.

Each pack contains 10 rings.

Please contact us if you have any questions about wheel safety or balance, or would like more information.

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